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Conclusion of Contract:
The buyer or user of our online stores must be of legal age, ie 18 years and older.
We explicitly refer to our Disclaimer, which forms part of these terms and conditions.
The product representations contained in our online shop do not constitute binding offers on our part, but serves to submit a binding offer by the customer.

The customer can submit the offer on the integrated online order form. When ordering via the online order form, the customer has to enter his personal data and click the button "Buy" in the final step of the ordering process. This creates a legally binding contract offer in relation to the goods in your shopping basket.

The seller may accept the offer within five days of the customer with a written (letter) or electronically transmitted (fax or email) confirmation or by delivering the goods. The seller is entitled to refuse the acceptance of the order.

The placement of an order and contact can be usually done by e-mail and automated order processing. The customer must ensure that his or her designated e-mail address is correct, so  e-mails from the seller can be received. In particular, the customer must ensure at the use of spam filters, that all e-mails of the seller or responsible third party for this order processing can be received.

Prices and reservation:
All stated prices are final prices including VAT. The goods remain our property until full payment. Despite all care in the preparation of our range and the processing of your order errors can occur. Therefore it holds that we reserve the delivery of your order on errors, unjustifiable price and product changes, as well as supply shortages from our suppliers. In this case you will be informed immediately by us.

Should direct debit / direct debits as payment method chosen by the customer comt to a chargeback, because the buyer has made ​​false statements to bank account, his bank account has insufficient funds or rejects the direct debit without prior notice, the buyer is obliged to refund the caused chargeback fees.

If in case of cash on delivery the goods are not accepted on delivery or won't be fetched at a communicated depository, the purchaser has to pay the designated shipping fees.

Shipping cost and insurance products:
The shipping costs are determined by the destination country we are shipping your order to. Shipping costs will be invoiced additionally to the goods price calculated. Shipping costs include VAT. You can find the countries to which we ship and the corresponding rates in the order form and in the payment and shipping tab. The shipment is insured from our delivery to the transportation service provider until the takeover by you. For deliveries to Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Non-EU countries the order prices are net, without VAT. Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Non-EU countries appy their country-specific value added tax and any customs duties when goods are imported. Your order is duty free (applicable for EU countries). Customs requirements (eg the payment of any customs duties) for deliveries in Switzerland, Liechtenstein or in out-of-EU countries must be performed by the receiver itself. The tariffs currently in Switzerland between 0.09 and 0.12 CHF CHF gross per 100g skin care product and between 0.05 and 0.48 CHF CHF gross per 100g food supplements. Similarly, the receiver has to make knowledgeable, whether the ingredients contained in the food supplements are allowed for import into the country of destination. We report to you on request the ingredients in our products. The approval can be inquired at www.swissmedic.ch for Switzerland. The invoice for shipments to Switzerland, Liechtenstein and in NON-EU countries is deposited at the ouside of your parcel.

Delivery time and delivery:
We ship by DHL. The transport service is not selectable by the customer.

The estimated delivery times, except our punctual delivery to the transport service, are determinded by the target country to which your order is to ship. Basically, you can usually (variations are possible) rely on these DHL delivery times from our transfer to DHL on:

     Shipments to Germany: 2 to 3 days
     Shipments to the specified EU countries and Switzerland and Liechtenstein: 2 to 10 days
     Shipments to all other countries: about 14 to 28 days, depending on destination

If the delivery of goods is not made ​​within these time periods, please contact us via contact form. Delivery is made to the shipping address provided by you. IMPORTANT: The price listed in your order, name of the delivery address must also be found on the doorbell, otherwise can not be delivered your package! If the transportation service you do not find, contrary to expectations there, he gives the neutral wrapped package from your neighbors or sheds you a note. Get immediately after receipt of the notification certificate your package at the location indicated on the notification card from or contact with the specified phone number on it in connection to arrange another delivery date. The package is item returned 7 days after delivery in the post depot to us. You have in this case no claim to a further free delivery by us.

We will notify the shipping service provider of the buyer's email address when the order is placed. This is done exclusively for the purpose of transmitting the shipment tracking of the delivery of goods to the buyer. The specified email address will not be passed on to third parties for any other purpose.

"Liability," as used below, includes all forms of damages, demands, proceedings, actions, costs or other losses.

In no event the operator of the online shop shall accept liability in the above-mentioned sense for any direct, indirect, criminal, civil, deterrent, or causal special case of potential harm or perjury, which could arise by the application of any product of the operator of the online shop.

The application of all products of this online shop implies knowledge and acceptance of all and of each individual, listed here lawful provisions ahead, assuming that the user uses this under its full responsibility and acquits
the operator of the online shop and its employees from any responsibility .

None of the
the operator's products offered in this webshop was evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA does not test nor rate herbal products. None of the products offered claimed neither diagnostic nor treatment, cure or prevention of any form of disease or ailments. We expressly point out further that none of the SMS Ltd. products offered in this online store was evaluated by  the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA. Please consult your physician for diagnosis or treatment. Apply the herbal products described on the package and make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients or react with intolerance to avoid possible allergic reactions.

The information in this online shop are not to diagnose some form of illness or disease, nor to provide treatment for it. It is only the information offered, which aims to preserve and promote good health in cooperation with a trained doctor.. The
the operator of the online shop assumes no liability for what the information shown in this online shop are used. The information is intended solely for the helpful information within a health program that is made ​​by a health specialist. In the event that a person uses the information presented in this online shop without the approval of a trained doctor, he/she diagnoses him-/herself under his/her own responsibility.

Any person who buys in this online store or uses the information presented, accepts the lawful provisions.

Neither authors nor editors, nor suppliers of information assume any liability if this information is used instead of the recommendations or treatment of a trained physician. The information is based solely on the traditional use of plants on recommendations from doctors, on consumer reviews of this online shop, or on clinical trials which were not recognized by any state institution or medical organization within the EU.

Warning: You must be of legal age (18 years and older)!

Please note the following: Carefully read the Terms and Conditions as above before you make a purchase. The use of this online shop and the information presented therein, requires the confirmation and acceptance of the applicable terms and conditions. If you do not accept this, please do not use the information presented and leave this online shop.
You agree with the acceptance of our Termsand Conditions to be of legal age, and to be aware of the nature of this online shop. At the same time, you acknowledge that you have accessed this online shop by your own free will.

The warranty for the goods is effected under the statutory provisions of the warranty law. For informations about any manufacturer's warranties, please refer to the product documentations.

Your orders are stored. If you lose your documents to your orders, please contact us by e-mail . We will send a copy of your order details.

Online Dispute Resolution:
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